Monday, December 24


Every Christmas Eve as a child, our family would gather around the lit tree and sing "Silent Night." It was a quaint tradition, one that produced many eye-rolls when we were teenagers, but I remember it fondly now. The comfort of tradition and that time spent with family is something we are left without this holiday. Of course, I have my husband to celebrate with, but we haven't developed any holiday traditions yet. We are baking some goodies and watching a movie tonight, but I find my thoughts drifting back to apple cider, Christmas excitement, and that old song. From there, I wonder what traditions will delight and be fondly remembered by our baby in the years to come.


Nadine said...

Merry Christmas! I hope you have a wonderful day.

peep said...

What a nice thought.

Nicole said...

My mother-in-law asked what traditions we would be passing on to our child to come. I told her that traditions are not created, they just come out of what we usually do. I don't write them down or plan them, they just happen. She didn't get it at all.