Monday, December 10

Fall down, go boom

Ice storm hit last night. The walking and road conditions were just terrible this morning, but by mid-day were manageable. Unfortunately -- or fortunately, as the ice were -- I got sick in the am so crawled into work around 10:30 am instead of the usual 9.

My supervisor left early today to pick her husband up from the hospital: as they were leaving the house for their morning commute, he says "Be careful, it's slippery," and proceeds to fall down the steps and break some bones in his hand. Yikes. Double poop since he's an artist owning his own business and it was his right (dominant) hand. It's scary walking up and down the hills in these parts with the ice the way it is. Especially after hearing stories like that.

There are salt stains on my dress pants now from walking downtown ... not too cool since this is one of the last pairs that fit my growing mid-section.

Homemade pasta fagioli's on the menu tonight. I can't wait!


BerryBird said...

Mmm, dinner sounds good. Glad you made it throught the ice OK--it does sound scary.

Nadine said...

I bet if you look around, you'll see that many people have salt stains on their pants. At least they do around here...

Be careful on the ice!

Jenn & Owen said...

I'm sure that you will understand that as I live in (or rather near, now that we are in a bedroom community with a 45 minute commute - contributing to the whole global warming problem rather than solution) the northernmost major city in North America, with a typical low temperature last month of -32 c and a typical high of -22 c that I would be more than happy if we had slush. It would be a sign of impending spring.