Tuesday, December 11


I have to leave my desk for lunch, and I certainly enjoy every last second of my full hour. Most of my colleagues, however, just sit at their desk and apologize when they run next door for a burrito. It seems unhealthy to not take a lunch, or at least a longer break. Staring at a computer screen for eight straight hours with minimal nutrition seems like the type of thing health experts would advise against. I think I've read some studies on that before, which ideally I would link up here for you, but I'm tired and lazy tonight.

I realize this whole I-can't-take-a-lunch thing could easily be seen as them just having too much work, and while that's the case for some people, it's still a choice, especially in light of all the time they spend at the "water cooler." The problem reinforces itself with their behavior ... the more people that don't take a lunch, the harder it is to work up the nerve to take one when you want to. I avoided that trap by taking a lunch every day since the day I started. Of course, I still feel guilty -- maybe even moreso because they don't even get a lunch and here I am, luxuriating in mine!

I found the best spot on the fifth floor - a cushy deep orange couch. I take a good 45 minute nap. Well, I don't actually fall asleep (I'm a light sleeper), but it's a glorious rest. I started it when I returned from disability leave, and I'm thinking I just may continue it for my pregnancy.

See what these people are missing out on? Naps!


Nadine said...

I'm one of those people now. I used to take full advantage of my lunches (napping in the car, taking a walk, or reading a book), but now I work ten hour days with no actual lunch break. I do eat. And I play on the internets sporadically throughout the day, but I never step away from my office.

You've got the right idea!

whatevergirl said...

Never stop the lunch thing because after you have the first child, you will NEED the lunch hour (and nap) SO MUCH more!!

Anonymous said...

My workplace doesn't have a lunch room. It's an old building that's been refurbished, but apparently allowing the staff to eat away from their desks was never considered!

However, I do take walks on my lunch hour (20-40 mins), which makes the eating at the desk more blissful, as I transition back into whatever I was focusing on.

I'm very suspicious of any gains in productivity that are "gained" from skipping lunch. It's like multi-tasking--at some point, you melt down (from all the distraction or the lack of renewal), and anything you gained is wiped out by illness, errors from lack of focus, etc.

As far as the napping on the sofa goes, golly, am I jealous! :)