Tuesday, February 19

Work overload

So I had a conversation with my supervisor about the work overload ... and what happens? Same overload, new week. The only difference has been her letting me know that I can say "no." Which I have. Which hasn't stopped the dam up one bit.

I'm exhausted.

Birthing classes start Thursday, hope to meet some new parents-to-be. Not sure how much we'll be able to converse. "So, when are you due?" isn't likely to be whispered while the teacher's telling us what's happening in a few months. Still, it would be great to make some friends; we don't have any friends who are expecting (and live near us).

Time to take the dogs out and then I'm hitting the hay. Too tired to do much else.


Courtney said...

Bosses just don't understand. :( Here's hoping that your boss actually learns to take "no" to mean just that. It took me two years to learn to deal with my boss effectively so that she doesn't walk all over me, and it's still hard to do.

I hope birthing classes go well! Having other new parents as friends seems like an invaluable resource. :)

Hope your week goes well!

dreamy said...

All the best for the birthing classes :)

dreamy said...

oh, check my blog btw.
You have been tagged :)

Courtney said...

Hey! Hope you're doing well. :)