Monday, February 11

Furniture, home makes me feel fortunate tonight

The chairs are sitting in our living room now. Orange-y brown, cushy, and made ever the more beautiful by the fact they were free.

The couch, on the other hand, is now sitting in our landlord's garage. It wouldn't fit up the fire escape. The movers suggested hoisting it up, but that would be another 45 minutes and three people ... cha-ching. We're debating whether or not to bring it up here, since our lease ends in October and we're not sure if we'll renew (although how many landlords would allow two adults, a baby, and three pets in a one-bedroom?!).

I need to stop using that word, landlord. It has awful origins.

Let me tell you, it is so nice to have an armchair to sink into after work. I'm delighted, even if the couch is useless at the moment.

Today's our two-year anniversary ... never did I think we'd be expecting a baby for this anniversary!

Wind gusts hit a record 70 mph in the Boston area today, blistery cold like most of the nation. I heated up some soup for dinner and that was delicious. I hope the homeless folk have been able to find shelter tonight.

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