Monday, February 11

Me meme

BerryBird tagged me for my first meme, so here goes ...

Four Jobs I've Had

Staff writer
Ice cream scooper
Art gallery assistant

Four Places I Have Lived

East Lansing, MI
New Orleans
Palm Harbor, FL
Lexington, KY

Four Places I Have Vacationed

Pike's Peak, Saskatchewan, Canada
Rotterdam, Holland
Boundary Waters, MN
Seattle, WA

Four of My Favorite Foods

Vegan pasta fagioli
Chocolate soymilk

Four Things I Like to Do

Walk in a natural setting
Be kind to others
Lately? Eat!

I'm tagging Momma Val back, since she's a newbie like me and probably hasn't done a meme before, and MOPS also.

There. Did I do that right, BerryBird? :)

1 comment:

BerryBird said...

Welcome to the world of memes... you got it just right! Interesting range of places you have lived and traveled.