Thursday, January 3

I resolve to ...

While most people are thinking of New Year's resolutions, I almost feel like I don't need one. I mean, I'm having a baby this year. Isn't that a new enough New Year? I have so many goals associated with that -- which more than makes up for not having a resolution. I don't usually have a resolution, anyway ... I agree with Courtney on this one.

My parents and brother came to visit and one of the hits of their trip was a visit to the Museum of Bad Art. Hysterical!

Note to well-meaning relatives: fat jokes to a pregnant woman are not funny. At 18 weeks or 40. I repeat, NOT funny.

Five more days til ultrasound.


Nicole said...

Couldn't agree more, NOT FUNNY! Darts to the fat joke makers.

Courtney said...

The MOBA looks hilarious. I might have to make a trip up to Mass. for that!

And why is it that family members (and in my experience the ones with no room to talk) always feel it's acceptable to make jokes & comments about one's weight? Never funny. For real.