Monday, January 7

Warm couches and toxins

Today has been kind of weird.

Remember how I was yearning for the unnecessary purchase of a sofa when I found out I was pregnant? My boss offered me the one I nap on at work. Apparently they were going to get rid of it during upcoming renovations. It's an orange, cushy leather one, which might seem an odd choice for a vegan couple, but I have no problem using animal products secondhand. If I'm not contributing to the industry's bottom line and I'm helping to reuse something rather than buy more, I'm all for it.

We just have to figure out how to pick the couch up. I can't help much, being pregnant with a bad back, and we haven't made any big, burly friends with pick-up trucks yet. But even if we pay for someone to pick it up and deliver it, I can't imagine that would be more than $100. We could squeeze that out of our pockets somehow. Maybe Hubby can pick up an extra work shift.

The weather went from 15 below last week to in the 50s today. Tomorrow (ultra-exciting ultrasound day!) is supposed to be 60. 60 in January! Strange.

Momma Val posted about toxins, a subject I care deeply about. I eat organic, read labels, buy green cleaners, and still my personal choices aren't enough. It comes down to the realization that it's a community issue, and that means every individual has to make better personal choices AND better community choices have to occur in neighborhoods, cities, states, and the federal government. So, awareness and education continue to be of upmost importance.


Nicole said...

Awareness and education are always the first step. Nevertheless, I hope you get your "new" couch soon. How exciting!

BerryBird said...

Hey, congratulations on the new couch! And we know it's a comfy one, good for napping.

Courtney said...

Kudos to you for reusing a leather couch rather than increasing the demand for them. I have the exact same approach to such things (and I'm with you, too, in regards to the "no Wal-Mart" thing... most evil company ever, to be sure).

Good luck with the sofa. My boyfriend and I had a MASSIVE one delivered that had to be carried up 3 flights of stairs once, and it was only about 150.00 after we tipped the guys, so hopefully it won't be too pricey.

Can't wait to hear how the ultrasound went!

Dream Writer said...

I, too eat organic. I try and get as much organic food that I could find.

A comfy couch is important.

Thanks for stopping at my blog :)