Friday, January 25

Fetus this, fetus that

I was looking back over some of my more recent entries, and I realize that a good deal of it has been Fetus-related. I don't want to be one of those people, a pre-mama obsessive like the mom bloggers described here ... but at the same time, this pregnancy is the defining point in my life. You can't escape your pregnancy, mind or body-wise. It's almost a physical manifestation of getting married. The feeling and the consequence, I guess.

I'm very aware of how much I talk about Fetus and this whole experience when I'm talking to non-mama friends. On the phone last night with my best friend, who lives a thousand miles away, I couldn't tell you how many times I brought up being pregnant. Of course, she's my best friend so she understands when I selfishly gloat, but still. It's not exactly fair to her. She asks, "what's new?" And I try in vain to think of something other than Fetus, Fetus, Fetus ... but no luck.

So if you are tired of hearing about my pregnancy, my apologies. I write about what's on my mind, and it's hard to get that kind of thing off your mind.

Speaking of marriage, my kid sister just announced her engagement to a boy she's been dating for the last year. I feel ... old. And protective.

I know, I know ... the Majora Carter lecture. I will get to it. Soon. Eventually.

Does anyone else find it humorous that the spellcheck on blogspot marks "blog" as misspelled?


Nicole said...

Very humorous!

And I am filled with fetus thoughts too, it's hard to stop.

BerryBird said...

I do understand your desire not to have the entirety of your existence subsumed to the precious offspring. I mean, you had a lot of interesting stuff going on before babytime. However, I think it is perfectly natural that fetus and the changes s/he is bringing to your life would occupy some serious mental space. This is your first, after all, and therefore shiny and new and exciting. I don't mind one bit!

Momma Val said...

I love hearing about your fetus. After birth, it's all about baby for quite awhile. It is the most amazing thing that will ever happen to you. DON'T APOLOGIZE! For those people who do not want to read about babies, pregnancies, families, and the wonder of it all, they can kindly find another blog. Now is the time to enjoy yourself, body, and the joy of the excitement of things to come. I'd say after baby is a few months old, you start to reclaim parts of who you are/were before conception. So enjoy! They are all consuming, before birth and after birth. Why shouldn't you write about it? Just curious why you never refer to "fetus" as your "baby?" Love to read your blogs.

Electronic Goose said...

Thanks you guys. It makes me feel better to read your comments. As for calling the baby Fetus all the time, that's because Fetus is seriously our nickname for the baby. We were saying, "Ohh look at Fetus!" during the ultrasound and the tech is like huh? And we explained. He thought it sounded like old-school Roman. Fetus! Where hast thou gone? :)

Jenn & Owen said...

I just have cats, and I still bore people with that. I can omly imagine how great the temptation is to move to pure fetus-talkonce one has one.

Courtney said...

There's nothing wrong with being preoccupied with the biggest thing going on in your life. Anyone who'd begrudge a mother-to-be of her joy and excitement should get his or her empathy chip reconfigured. :)

I'm personally looking forward to hearing more about Little Fetus.

whatevergirl said...

I would MUCH rather hear about a baby than someone's dog. And the worst is when someone plasters pictures of the dog all over their desk in different outfits, and then talks about it ad nauseum.
Fetus is fun!!