Friday, January 18

Fetus makes a move

I think, at 20 weeks, I'm finally feeling Fetus move. On Sunday, I told Hubby I thought Fetus was moving but, yet again, I wasn't sure (how can I be sure if I've never felt this before?). He put his hand on my belly and right as I said "there it is!", he said "I feel it!" It was so neat for us both to be sure Fetus moved at the same time, for the first time.

So, what does a baby moving feel like? I've heard people describe it as flutters, "like gas," and round circles by an eraser. For me, it felt like when you're really hungry and your stomach gurgles big bubbles. Only it wasn't an empty-feeling bubble, but a bubble with a bit of weight to it, and the bubble protruded rather than surrounding negative space. And it was a surprisingly natural feeling. You'd think it would be an extremely odd sensation, this being moving around inside you. But really it was an extension of internal movements I've felt before, only with a much more emotional personal reaction - obviously.

I have to wonder what effect all my mass transit riding will do to Fetus when s/he grows up. Is baby going to be a roller coaster junkie?

Fetus keeps becoming a more and more concrete thing in our lives, and I'm grateful for the gradual change. Imagine if babies were born hours after conception!

I still don't feel 100% sure I'm feeling Fetus move. I feel like I need to have her/him move more actively and strongly before I can be sure that what I felt before (now) is indeed fetal movement.


Momma Val said...

You sure are feeling the BABY move! YEAH! It's about time. You must be napping less (that's when I noticed mine). Glad you're back by the way. Yes, at first a sweet tender feeling. Wait til your sitting still somewhere/someday and your whole belly and shirt start jumping around. Quite hilarious . . . . . . . and glorious! When someone 5-10 feet away can see the BABY kick, whoa, that's movement. (Remember?) Wish I was there to feel it, like you were for mine :( I am so excited for you. It's like just when you really start to feel like it will never move suddenly they do and it makes you feel more connected to this little being growing inside. Have hubby try pressing his ear up to your stomach. Believe it or not hubby will be able to hear it, sooner or later.

Nicole said...

I've got movement too. And so many descriptions say that it feels like a flutter. Mine feel nothing like flutters. Feels more like bubbles.

Little Jezzie said...

Giddy for you. lol

and I love that you don't want to know the gender...I don't want to know either when I become pregnant but everyone I mention that to gets irritated with me. People sometimes, sheesh.

whatevergirl said...

Cool! Mine was fluttery and it made me laugh the first time I felt it. At about 8 months I saw a foot or elbow poke out about an inch!!