Thursday, October 2

What to blog about

I often find myself thinking, "That would be a great post!" to random things that happen in my life. Problem is, 98% of the time, I never get around to writing about it. Or I sit down and completely forget everything that I wanted to blog about. So, if memory serves me half-assed, here are a few things from this week I've wanted to write about:

*Walking to the train from work, I came across a man with an umbrella larger than a Smart Car. No joke, the umbrella took up more than the entire width of the sidewalk. I've never seen such large umbrellas as they have in Boston, but this one wins the cake. I think it goes along with this whole self-important vibe they have going on up here. Man, I wish I had my camera for the Smart Car umbrella.

*Bean has recently discovered she can put things in her mouth besides my nipples. This has resulted in a furious cleaning frenzy, dog groomings, and sheer panic/worry ... and she can't even crawl yet.

*My mom sent me a great birthday gift last week: copious amounts of Seventh Generation toilet paper and Tom's of Maine toothpaste. I honestly love getting gifts I can use, that I need. I remember one of my more radical environmentalist friends, Corey, received a similar package from his mom for a past birthday and he was bummed. I couldn't imagine why. I guess I see gifts differently than others.

*Pumping breastmilk is my third full-time job.

*It's hard to imagine it has been a year since I found out I was pregnant with Bean. She is four months old today. Everyone says "they grow so quickly" that it has become such a cliche--but it is so true. Is there truth in repetition? The Republican party certainly thinks so.

*Grateful Farm, my favorite organic stall at the farmers market, has been selling a number of heirloom eggplant varieties, and I finally bought one last week. I hate eggplant, normally, but we cooked this one up with crushed tomatoes, purple bell peppers (did you know those turn white when cooked? Weird!), and onions. Delicious! Eggplant is my new friend. And I finally had the pivotal farmers market experience that everyone raves about: I had a conversation, and made friends, with two of the workers there. We talked about okra, and it was beautiful! :)

*I registered to vote yesterday. Rather, I re-registered. Apparently the RMV didn't register me like they told me they would. Anyway, I took Bean and I felt like I was introducing her to civic duty. Only almost 18 years before she can vote ...

Bean is taking a nap now, so I must get back to getting everything done that must be done without her.


Stacy said...

I have the same problem. I have started carrying out a little notepad with me and I keep a pad of sticky notes by the bed for late night or last minute post ideas. It doesn't always work though because I will lose the drive to post about a particular topic after a while. Your birthday gift sounds pretty cool - I love presents like that too!

nakeddrunklava said...

Ha! I think all bloggers end up wondering around life being like...ohh, that'd be fun to post about. That happens to me too. Sometimes I wait to post b/c I'm waiting on pictures from friends.

BlackenedBoy said...

Something else about blogging: it is very difficult to blog and maintain a journal at the same time, namely because you'll write about an experience in your blog and then be too lazy to repeat the exact same thing in your personal journal, where it should really go.