Thursday, October 2

Bean time


nakeddrunklava said...

You should post more pics of Bean...actually I think you should post more pictures in general ;-)

Nadine said...

I love the look on her face. So serious.

Red Eyes said...


I'm glad I came by this blog and from reading it suddenly there is a feeling of vastness, of connection, and I dissolve into it. What an interesting post. I want to believe you have just gained yourself a reader or follower in the parlance of blogging.

Also, I see you are a salmon rushdie fan as well. I'm reading presently one of his books, the satanic verses, have you completed it and what do you think of it?

I would like to return here if you do feel a counter visit is worth a bit of your time considering our individual deadlines?

My compliments.

Momma Val said...

Wow! She got big. How old is she now? How long and how much does she weigh? I think I know who the boss of that family is!

whatevergirl said...

Wow! I have to go back and read about her birth. Last time I visited you were pregnant, so let me say congratulations!! She is gorgeous!