Wednesday, October 29

Love is blind

Since love has gotten political, perhaps we should take the time to see it from the other side.


Courtney said...

His stories break my heart. The idea that people feel the need to dictate who others can and cannot love is hurtful and archaic. Intolerance, in this day and age, is unimaginable to me. Things like this remind me of why it's important to be extra-vigilant about the things I believe, and at the same time extremely loving and tolerant to those who don't agree with me (even if I do think they're wrong).

Thanks for the post.

BlackenedBoy said...

I hope that Proposition 8 fails. We tried in Southern State to defeat a similar amendment to the state constitution, but unfortunately we were not successful.

I do not understand the need of people to discriminate and deprive some people of rights simply because of their sexuality--and I also think that there is no basis for it in the Constitution. Wouldn't the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment bar this sort of thing?

One day, we will be a more enlightened society, and, as we now look back on the days of interracial marriage bans being ridiculous, so will the people of the future look back on this time.

It just seems natural to me that gays should have the some rights as straight people.

Anonymous said...

It's a travesty. I have two dear friends who are one of the most stablecouples I know (about 30 years togetehr) who had twins through a surrogate a couple of years ago. The idea that anyone mugt tell their children that it was a shame they have two daddies sickens me.