Saturday, September 22

Last day, first day

My coworkers and bosses were so nice to me on my last day, I actually questioned my decision to leave. Vicki made vegan cupcakes for me, and my friends chipped in and bought me a beautiful Kazuri necklace for my upcoming birthday. It was so nice to be surrounded by support that it made me wonder why they didn't attempt to have that atmosphere in there all along. If they could sustain a supportive environment, they'd retain a lot more employees. Isn't that Management 101?

My first day at the office reinforced what I never should have questioned: I made a good decision. My coworkers and bosses are a super-nice, intelligent bunch, and I'm enjoying the collaborative, non-hierarchical environment there. It has been - and will be, I believe - a strange transition from retail to office. I'm slowly compiling a list of rules to fit in at the office.

Rules to fit in at an office:

1. Substitute the word "boss" for "supervisor."

2. Invest in cardigans. Especially if they're black ones.

3. We don't "eat" lunch. We "do" lunch.

4. Don't leave when your day's work is over. Compete with your boss, err, supervisor, with who can stay latest.

5. Don't drink coffee. Inhale it. The more, the better.

6. If you fail to CC your supervisor several times a day on matters completely unrelated to him/her, they will eventually forget you exist.

7. Live for Fridays, and be sure to leave early on this revered day.


Nadine said...

Hello fellow Office Lady! I need to get me a new black cardigan. My old one is falling apart from frequent wear.

BerryBird said...

Too funny! I have a black cardigan that I keep draped over the back of my chair at the office. I hardly ever wear it, because it tends toward the stuffy rather than the excessively cooled, but still, you are right, you gotta have it.

Jenn & Owen said...

Compete with the boss to see who can stay later... Would work for me, except my boss comes in at 10:00 and takes 2 hour lunches.

Rafael Santiago said...

Great rules... now if only I could apply them to my job...LOL!