Sunday, September 2

Bugged beer

We celebrated the arrival of the much-needed long weekend last night by popping into an Indian restaurant in Arlington. The ambiance was a bit forced while the food and service was above average. I had aloo mutter, my favorite thanks to Krishna, and M ate an eggplant and chickpeas dish whose name I've forgotten. It was so enjoyable to sit and just talk for an evening.

I discovered a small bug swimming in my beer, and was a bit concerned when the waiter tried to tell me that was a result of the foam. I was given a new bottle and all was well, even if I did peer into the glass suspiciously after each sip.

We keep saying we should keep track of all the beer and wines we've drunk because we like to try new kinds, but when it comes to ordering, I can never remember which we've tried/liked/spit back out. Even on simple domestic beers.

"Did I like Beck's Light?" "I don't think you've had it." "Have you?" "I don't remember." "Well crap ... May I have a Beck's Light please? ... Ehhh. It's o-kay, I guess."

There's a few standbys I remember, of course: Magic Hat 9? Goooood. That blueberry ale at Pig's? Goood. But in general I don't seem to have the noggin for these things.


Nadine said...

I don't like beer, so I don't have that problem. I could see it might be possible with wine if I were to have it more than, oh, twice a year.

And I prefer bugs over hair in my food...

Jenn & Owen said...

Don't forget, when it comes to bugs, you can drink faster than they can.