Tuesday, September 25


Went out to eat at a vegan restaurant (T.J.s) in Allston tonight with friends from my old work. It was good to catch up, but man when they started talking about work ... let's just say it's nice to not deal with that place anymore. Every job has issues, but that job had a few too many. Anyway, I had a "chicken" and pineapple pizza with a pumpkin blondie for dessert, and even my non-vegan friends loved the food. I'll probably return even though it's quite a hike (four buses and a subway)!

Gearing up for the big move this weekend. We reserved a truck but there's still so much to do. It'll feel nice to be able to have a day off instead of a day packing ... or I should say a day thinking about packing. I should really just buckle down and finish it all, given all the time I waste worrying about what, when, how I'll do it.

I wore jeans to work today. Jeans! These people let me wear jeans! I mean, they're the nice, dark trouser-type variety, but jeans nonetheless.


Nadine said...

Jeans! Jackpot.

I've been fretting about what to wear to the schools, but at the first one I saw mutiple teachers wearing flipflops. I was shocked.

dreamy said...

Chicken with pineapple pizza....sounds interesting!

I am blorolling you.I hope thats ok with you! :)

Electronic Goose said...

Yeah, I don't think flipflops and K-12 teachers mix. You have to command some sort of respect and this is a visual culture after all ...