Sunday, May 4

What to name a baby boy

Dreamy just asked me about this in a comment ...

So I still can't think of a boy's name. We've had a girl's name in mind for years, so that's taken care of. Some people have suggested using the girl's name if it's a boy, too, but if you knew the name and the meaning behind it, you'd know that wouldn't work.

We want to name the boy something that has meaning for both of us ... maybe after a plant or something in nature, or after an artist or writer or a color. I like what Momma Val did, using an ancestor's name for her baby's first name. We looked through some family trees, though, and found nothing exciting.

Nothing we come up with fulfills the two basic criteria: it sounds good/we can imagine calling a child that and it means something. Off beat is good, off sound is bad. We're thinking shorter is better, since our last name is somewhat long.

I'm at a loss. Open to suggestions, too. I mean, really, at this point ... I asked the midwives during orientation night how quickly we had to have a name on the birth certificate. They laughed, but the good news is you have a few days. We just might need it if Fetus is a baby boy.


BerryBird said...

Boys names do seem harder. My co-worker had a baby in February, and she had the same dilemna. Names are such a personal thing, it seems hard to come up with suggestions. I'll let you know if I have any inspirations.

Electronic Goose said...

You're right, they are so personal. I'm just desperate at this point!

BlackenedBoy said...

I'll let you know if I think of anything. I can think of what I'd name my own son, but of course it would have no meaning to you.

You could give him the name of a close male relative or beloved friend.

SuzyQ said...

My husband and I have had our babies names picked out since we first started dating. (no kiddos yet though) Twins run on both sides of our family so we have 2 boys' and 2 girls' names picked out. Taylor and Tyler Matthew for the boys and Madison Marie and Aliyah Morgan for the girls.

I have had a lot of friend and acquaintances have baby boys lately with cute names, such as: Landen, Ty, Jonas, Gavin, Matthew, and Jalen.

Alot of fun girl names too (everyone I know is having babies - lol) Ella, Asa, and Makayla.

Courtney said...

Everyone I know who has had a baby says that you know once you meet them what name they should have. All of my intended baby names are personal names with family significance, but I have far more names than I'll ever have children.

I personally plan to use Paul Isaac (my father's name & a reference to being blessed with a child even when you're supposed to be unable to have children) if I'm ever graced with a baby boy. :)

I also love the names Ethan and Ian, mainly because when I worked as a teacher, those were the names of two of the sweetest children I ever met.

Have you considered old family surnames as first names? My grandfather was William Pinell, and my brother just named his son Andrew Pinell. My sister also used "Ellery", a family surname, as the middle name for one of her boys.

Good luck choosing! It's so personal, and you want it to have meaning, so I know it's rough.

Momma Val said...

Another thing to consider, try to think of some old movie stars names. I always thought it would be kinda cute to name a boy Morton, or Grant, or Gilbert. Hubby liked Cooper but I thought it sounded like a dogs name. Wrigley, a name I heard at the park recently. Not that you have to use these but you get the idea. Maybe a food brand name? Hee! Hee! Ooh I like Blythe. Think that may be a girls name though. You should look in the old testament for ideas. Not to be religious but some of those really old names are pretty cool and hardly used anymore. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Noah Gunner Ryan Tyler Jason Scott Dustin Mark

consider the middle name as well, and the initials. If Ryan James for ex. then call him RJ

I like the same amount of sylables in first and last names too.