Saturday, May 3

Did you have an imaginary friend when you were young?

I did! Bonnie and Shoe-shoe, and they were married. I think I was about seven. I was reading this article on children with imaginary friends and I couldn't help but smiling at my memories of saying goodnight to Bonnie and Shoe-shoe. Shoe-shoe actually was a stuffed animal when the stuffed animal was around, and imaginary when I was away from the stuffed animal (at school, a friend's house, and so on).

Did any of you all, my blogger friends, have imaginary friends?


BerryBird said...

I did have an imaginary friend when I was small, but I wasn't very imaginative about it, giving the pretend friend the same name as a real life friend (Jody).

I LOVE you new profile photo!

SuzyQ said...

Not sure if I had an imaginary friend - but I had quite the imagination - still do. Especially when I got into reading - would always lose myself int the stories for hours.

Courtney said...

I never had imaginary friends. :( I actually barely played with dolls or anything like that. I personified my stuffed animals, but not to the extent that a lot of kids did. I was more into books and puzzles. When I was lonely, I usually turned to a book friend rather than an imaginary one. Books and play acting were where my creativity manifested, I think.

Yours sound sweet, though. I like them. Almost makes me wish I'd invented some of my own. :)

whatevergirl said...

I had an imaginary brother named Jim. I even showed my Mom where he lived one time (not sure why he didn't live with us!)