Wednesday, May 14

Apples and burrrrrrnaners

I've recently come across Green Bean's blog, thanks to Nadine at In Blue Ink, and I found myself saying yes, yes, yes to all the questions she poses on this post. I also recommend clicking on the the link to Global Rich List. I love being inspired by other bloggers--thanks for the link, Nadine, and for motivating me to finally reserve Last Child in the Woods at my library!

This past weekend, I finally made the 20-minute walk to Menotomy Rocks Park. I've been wanting to get back there for awhile, but the chilly weather has deterred any and all efforts to do so. It was still a bit nippy Sunday, but we took the dogs out there. It's amazing to see the change from frosty white, ice-covered bare limbs to tiny green budding life in the small forest. I felt revitalized, and so glad that a small section of nature had prevailed in this inner suburb.

In the world of work, we've finally reached an agreement. I'll be working four days a week, two from home. We'll need to make up the money I'm losing as a result, but I will be happier and perhaps more motivated to sell some of my photos once again. We're slowly compressing life down to the simple lane, and as we travel, learning how to deal with the transition and the friends and family who honk and drive by, sometimes taunting our way of life. The further we inch along, the more content I feel with this life.


Nadine said...

I'm glad you've reached a satisfying arrangement with work. That must be a relief.

I love finding inspiration from other bloggers. :-)

BlackenedBoy said...

Glad that you've finally got something decided with your work. I'm really going to have to start reading some of the links you provide here. Right now, I just haven't had the time.

And while you may have to buckle down now, eventually you'll pull ahead again.

I'm sorry that you live in cold and snowy Boston. Even down here in the South it's been unusually cool this May.