Monday, April 7

Competent enough for templates

We're all gathered at our weekly informal staff meeting this afternoon and going around the table with updates on what we're working on. A boring, infinitely unnecessary ritual that I think we all keep up for appearance's sake. Around and around we go until it's my turn, at which point I mention that among the mound of work I'm buried under, I have award certificates to do.

"Oh, you do those now?" one of the directors ask.

"Uh, yes. I've done them since I began," I reply quietly.

At which point my direct supervisor announces, "it's just a template."

Thanks for the vote of confidence. I feel very special that I can transform a template at the age of 26, thankyouverymuch. Thank God I spent all that time and money getting a college degree.


BerryBird said...

Oh, this makes me grit my teeth just reading it. Your direct supervisor needs... exactly what, I am not quite sure, but it should be unsavory.

whatevergirl said...

Sounds like my boss' boss! He dumped something in my lap the other day with absolutely no direction. I called him to ask a question and he replies, "Is this too hard for you?"
I told him exactly what I thought--that I needed some answers so I could do this right the first time..sometimes I wish I had a stun gun that would just zap them for about 10 minutes, ya know?