Saturday, April 12

Can I hit snooze one more time?

I've been so tired lately. My job is still giving me an overwhelming workload. Every time I bring this up with my supervisors, they just shuffle it onto another entry-level professional. (I have one direct supervisor but three bosses ... which is part of the problem. No one knows how much work I actually have, only how much work they are individually giving me to do.) It isn't helpful, since all of the entry-level workers at this job are overworked, and if my supervisor sends Joe Schmoe my mailing job this week, I very well may get his InDesign project from his supervisor that same week. It's all just shuffling and no real action is being taken.

Being pregnant, especially now that I'm in my third trimester, is just contributing to how tired I am too. Although, it sounds like Momma Val has it much worse, so who am I to complain?

There was one day this week that was beautiful, 60s and mostly sunny out. I said screw this to my workload and took my lunch out onto the Rose Kennedy Greenway. I wanted to sit on the grass and enjoy the sunshine, but my body doesn't fold down as easily as it used to, so I sat on a modern (and sterile-looking) concrete slab instead.

I can't wait for spring, real spring. There's already woodpeckers every morning in the tree outside my bedroom window, and small tuffs of green leaves showing up underneath the dead leaves on the neighbor's lawn. Farmers markets, fresh berries, wearing sandals ... !


Momma Val said...

Hee! Hee! Sterile concrete? I feel your daze! Wait til you have the baby, there is no snooze and you will remember pregnancy tired and think it was bliss compared to the exhaustion that comes with a newborn. Can't wait.

Nadine said...

Your real spring sounds lovely. I did get outside for a nice walk today.

whatevergirl said...

My sister kept telling me about this wonderful burst of energy I would get at the end of my pregnancy. It didn't happen, either time!!
Spring! AAAHH!! Our high will only be 49 tomorrow!!!!!! Where is Spring???