Wednesday, August 29


Yes, I admit it: I'm reading the Harry Potter books and enjoying them. It has taken me how many years to catch up with the times in this category (in the other categories, I'm still in the 90s).

A coworker (I almost wrote "a coworker at work") is obsessed and I thought it was about time for me to read the series before I groan about those crazy fans. I have noticed an abundance of criticizers who have never read the book and I don't think that's fair. So I read. And now, a few short days later, I'm almost through with book two. I'm finding it to have an imaginative plot, likable although stereotyped characters, and with some neat twists. It's certainly not the best writing I've ever read, but it's a fun one.

I guess that was my book review, a decade-ish late.

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BerryBird said...

I resisted the Potter craze for a long time, too, but I succumbed long before you. I started reading the books right before the first movie came out, because I didn't want to end up seeing the movie without reading the book.