Monday, August 27


We stopped by a farmer's market at Scollay Square today to pick up some produce and bought the most beautiful yellow onions I have ever seen from Silverbrook Organic Farm in nearby Dartmouth, MA. The onions just shone. And they were (certified) organic. And they were affordable, $2.50 for the bunch. They are lovely and we're making veggie burgers and fries tonight, so I'll be sure to use a few rings.

Unfortunately, though, like most things Bostonian, the clerk could have been a little more polite. I usually cut some slack for customer service jobs, being in one myself, but this guy was just too much. You know when you have to prompt the clerk ("Thank you and have a great day!") to say anything or even look you in the face ("Uh? Yeah." was his reply I believe)? Yeah, that's not great service. It's a pity, because that's part of the appeal of farmers' markets ... conversation around food, meeting those whose hard work provides your nourishment. I overheard one woman repeatedly asking which apple was "crispest," and barely getting a glance of acknowledgement.

On a related note, this is for the foodies.


Nadine said...

Indeed. Sis and I have been frequenting our Farmer's Market this summer, and we've developed relationships with several of the vendors. It definitely improves the experience!

BerryBird said...

We've gotten to know so many vendors now I almost feel guilty when I miss a week.