Friday, August 3


I'm utterly amazed at the number of people who believe their question or concern is more important than anyone else's. When we're busy, like today, customers repeatedly will interrupt the person I'm currently helping. For example: I was removing a product from the display case for one customer when another woman came up as I was handing the product to the first customer, who had begun to say something, but was rudely interrupted by the second customer, who had a complicated question (not the where's-the-bathroom variety). As I attempted to continue my conversation with the first customer, I tried to address the second customer's question when a third woman banged across the counter and yelled out, "Is this where you get rung up?" I spun around, said yes, returned to the second customer and told her I was with another customer but I'd be happy to help her in a moment, and turned back to the first customer. Of course all three customers are irritated by this, and it's usually all my fault no matter how I try to handle the situation. Hit repeat over and over again, and that's my day. Please, please don't interrupt others! You're not any more important than the next person, and I will get to you. Eventually. In the meantime, if I'm taking too long, tell the manager to get over his payroll:profit ratio and hire enough workers to satisfy these customers.

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