Saturday, February 14

Eating local in the New England winters

Eating local can be easy for people with year-round access to farmers markets. But what's a New England girl to do in the snowy, mushy winter? Eat a solid diet of carrots and pray for spring? This article from today's Boston Globe highlights a few local farms that offer winter CSA shares (as well as restaurants featuring locavore dishes/menus). It might be too late for this winter, but learning how to preserve local foods this summer and joining a winter CSA works for next year. This year, you can at least get local meat and local dairy products at places like the Dairy Bar in Somerville if you're interested in eating more local foods.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Anonymous said...

It's a tough one - I buy local when I can but I don't want to be limited only to the sorts of foods that can be grown here. As for meats, I only eat seafood and live in a land-locked state. Buying only local would leave me kind of screwed!

Momma Val said...

I just gave you an award. Come see!

Willo said...

A winter CSA is brilliant. Unfortunately we don't have one around here that I am aware of.

Thanks for stopping by and registering for my giveaway today. I hope you will come back soon!

Jenni at My Web of Life said...

I struggle with buying local here in Ontario as well. Choosing to eat local is one of my 2009 green goals and you helped remind me that I need to look ahead to next winter during the warmer months.

BTW- I lived in your neck of the woods (southern NH) up until 2 years ago. I miss that area so much!