Wednesday, July 23

Walk in the park

Bean and I went for a walk in Menotomy Park this morning. It's a fantastic wooded area with a lake where children play and make forts from fallen tree branches, adults hike, and dogs run free. I'm so glad we have this place, and it's only a 15 minute walk from our apartment. More cities need planning like this, incorporating green play space with compact mixed-use developments.

We found out I was pregnant within two weeks of my leaving a job, starting a new job, moving out of an apartment, and moving into a new one. That weekend, we took a walk through Menotomy Park for the first time and Hubby snapped the above picture. It feels like I'm completing the circle now when I take Bean through there. She loves staring up at the trees. I have a feeling if this fascination of hers with trees continues into her childhood, people will think I forced it on her.


BerryBird said...

Mmmm, your park looks lovely. We also have a city park about a 15 minute walk away, but it is fully developed: playground, athletic fields, tennis courts, all that stuff. There is a nice trail around a pond, but it is amongst mowed grass the entire length. I'm so glad you have a patch of natural forest nearby!

SuzyQ said...

A walk in the park sounds lovely right now - none really close to us - driving distance but not walking. I don't think that looking at trees is a bad thing to influence your daughter with. Not at all. :)

BlackenedBoy said...

The enchantment of a forest (particularly of a Northern forest, with its sprightly summers, gorgeous falls, violent winters, and supple springs) is something that every child should know.

I hope she appreciates nature as much as you do.