Tuesday, July 22

Greening update

I wanted to stop using paper towels and start composting; those were my goals right before Bean was born. I haven't accomplished the composting at all--finding plastic containers and a drill are beyond my abilities right now--but we have reduced our paper towel consumption considerably.

We took the first step by using a hand towel for napkins instead of paper towels. The habit that is hardest for me to break is reaching for a rag instead of a paper towel when I'm cleaning. Habits, really, are at the core of change. People just get comfortable in their routines and habits and they forget to question. They forget, sometimes, to change, or perhaps how to change.

My strawberry and basil plants are flourishing; I keep meaning to take and post a picture of them.

I did manage to read two books in June for Green Bean's reading challenge. I hope to post my reviews before the summer's over! One more item on my Hope-To-Do list.

Bean's crying now while Hubby makes tacos. I better go to the rescue.


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

You really do not need anything at all to compost. Except stuff to be composted. We have our compost in three piles on the ground under a tree--fresh, medium, and ready. We rotate them--the new stuff goes int eh fresh pile and the ready stuff goes in the garden--when it's gone we start another fresh pile where it was. It works great. and no tools except shovels or trowels.

I am reading a book that suggests that not composting is the cause of all disease--it is called the Wheel of Life --about the Hunza--I forget the exact title--have you read it?

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

PS--We've been camping up in the Porcupine Wilderness.

Momma Val said...

You may try to buy some micro fiber cloths. I got a pack of 3 at Ace. These are great for using with glass cleaner for things like glass, etc. Then you just throw them in the washer and dryer. I still use paper towels for dog poop and puke. That kind of thing WILL NOT be going in my washer or dryer. Just way too gross. Kudos to you. I get the hard brown kind and put them in a hard to access place so it's harder to, "just reach for them."

Green Bean said...

It was really hard to break that paper towel habit. But I have to say a year later, we haven't had paper towels in the house for months. A guest this weekend asked for a papertowel to clean up a spill and literally, for a second, I had no idea what he was talking about. Finally, I figured it out and handed him a cloth towel.

As to your book reading, good for you! Don't forget to let us know at The Blogging Bookworm when you post your reviews so that we can link to them.

Electronic Goose said...

Mary, thanks for the book recommendation; that sounds very interesting! I'll have to request it at the library. I wish we could compost outside, but we have to do vermicomposting inside since we live in a (very tiny) apartment in the city. Sorry, I should have been more specific! Porcupine Wilderness, as in the Porcupine Mountains? Not sure, but if it is, we used to go camping there almost once a year. Always saw plenty of bears.

I think you're right Momma Val, I just need to cut the rags up and also put them in a more convenient spot. I have them underneath the sink right now and while I'm holding Bean all day, it's too hard to bend down and get them.

Green Bean, that sounds wonderful! I'm looking forward to being able to say the same.

BerryBird said...

Weaning from paper towels is HARD!! I am struggling with it now, too.

Pauline said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on a post at my site. Your little bean is beautiful! I've enjoyed reading through your posts.

I'm at the grandmother stage and have been trying to live a green life for some time (I was a mini-hippie and a back-to-the-lander in the 70s and all green from top to bottom), so no plastic bags, no paper goods, no TV. I ride my bicycle to work to save gas, conserve water and heat, grow and preserve my own food. All of that is not as difficult as it might be because I've had plenty of practice. I would find it difficult to give up my computer though. Good for you for making the effort to help the planet.

Nadine said...

I'd like to give up paper towels, but I may have to settle for using less of them. I can't see cleaning up dog pee/pooh with something that isn't disposable. I can't seem to get around that.

pat said...

paper towels have been the hardest thing for me to live without..I bought a bunch of dish towels and wash rags, and i have cut down dramatically...but its a tough one!