Wednesday, July 25


Outside Davis Square this afternoon, a group of protesters in orange jump suits held signs out at the busy intersection calling for cars to honk to impeach Bush and Cheney. While I had to smile at the hundreds of honks heard ringing through the square, and while I certainly encourage alternative forms of protest, the irony of automobiles honking to impeach the oil industry's most beloved ambassadors did not pass me by.
This past Sunday, I was walking down the street as a woman was rushing around to unload her three children out of a minivan. She looked up at me and suddenly stopped what she was doing. "C'mere, guys. See that woman's shirt? It says 'Hug your kids' ..." and she proceeded to hug each of her children. I'm not sure who had the bigger smile: me, her, or the kids.
Alternative forms of protest ...

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BerryBird said...

That's a great story about the mother hugging her kids after seeing your shirt. I've been going to our regional farmer's market most weekends this summer. Every single week, protesters have been set up at the busy entrance to the market, advocating for an end to the war. It makes me so happy to see people out there working for change. So cheers to you, too!