Friday, June 15


It's sickening to see the amount of packaging thrown away every day in retail. Sure, there's all the statistics, 100 tons of this, a million pounds of that ... but when you have to confront it face-to-trash, it really hits home. This morning, for instance, I received a shipment of 16 small glass bud vases. The packaging alone filled two 60-gallon plastic garbage bags. We - and all the other retail joints I've worked at - throw away bags stuffed with bubble wrap and tissue paper on a daily basis, and in the meantime we're using brand-new bubble wrap and tissue paper to wrap our customers' purchases, also overly packaged in general, and place those packages in neat little plastic bags. Being a proud environmentalist already, I have made numerous attempts to get the store to reuse that perfectly good bubble wrap that has only been previously used once (and stored inside a cardboard box at that!). I've also tried convincing them of something like this. So far, no luck. Any suggestions?

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Mama Val! said...

How about having a bin at each register with used packing material, next to the new stuff. Then each time a customer is rung up rather than saying paper or plastic, ask used or new. That way you may start a trend and if customer is giving a gift and wants wrapping to look nicer they have an option. Also, in conjunction with previous suggestion, put a small cute and artsy sign by each register explaining what and why you are doing this, environment, cost for them, blah, blah, blah,...........Oh you could also put two bins at front of store. These would resemble those you see at some grocery stores that people can recycle their plastic grocery bags in. OK? That's all I got. What do you think?.......Take 25 cents off entire purchase if they accept the used packing? Or something like that?