Monday, January 19

Happy MLK Day!

I've often complained about my office on this blog, but yet I keep going back for more. Just one reason why: tomorrow, on Inauguration Day, we are celebrating by watching Obama's speech on the drop-down projector screen while consuming copious amounts of free beer and pizza--all this in lieu of a staff meeting. Eek! Count me in! We're all bringing in treats, too. I thought about baking cookies and frosting them up in purple with the words "I Believe." Beast thinks I'm corny.

Would you believe my folks live right by DC and they left town for the week? I told my mom that even if you're a Republican, which she is, it's still a historic moment to witness. "Yeah, but they don't even allow umbrellas or coolers," was her response. ??! There's a limit to how far practicality will get you.

Snow, snow, snow. About a foot, maybe a little more, on the ground today. New England winters, sigh. From afar, they sounded so pristine and beautiful. Maybe we just live too close to the city, but they are awful, muddy and ugly, and constantly wet/icy! If Beast gets into grad school, we'd be headed for California--now that would be a welcomed change of pace. All my life, people have told me I "seem like a California girl." They didn't always mean it as a compliment, but I always took it as one. I can't imagine driving a U-Haul with two dogs, a cat, a baby, a husband and all our stuff cross-country. Oh joy. I moved from Chicago to New Orleans once, but that was me and my cat!


Momma Val said...

You seem more like a Washington person to me or Idaho or . OR Chicago, now that's a great place to live, perhaps you could live there. I hear the people there are fabulous and make great friends. Ha! Pizza and beer at work? Hmmm? Well, I would definitely eat your cookies, no matter how corny they were. Oh brother, Little Buddy has shut himself in somewhere, gotta go. Can't open the doors yet, thank heavens!!! Oh, I think if I were living in DC, I'd leave town too. Way too much chaos and mayhem. They say that it'll be insane . . . . no thanks!!! But I'd gladly watch it on tv, or maybe not :)

Nadine said...

The Powers That Be have issued a directive that anyone that wishes to watch via can do so. Never thought I'd see the day...

I'm facing a possible move to Cali myself, so I'd be curious to hear your details.

And the book continues to be fabulous. Much more interesting than my assigned reading. Of course.

Anonymous said...

DO you think my patients would minf if I brought in pizza and beer tomorrow? Proably a couple would love it and the others would be appalled! But I will still be feeling awfully celebratory.