Wednesday, September 3

Enjoying the smaller moments

To answer BB's question: yes, I'm still keeping with the four-day work week, two of which are from home. And I'm taking my day off very seriously.

First, we went to the library and got seven more books, including some by bell hooks. I never knew she wrote children's books until I had Bean. Thank goodness she does.

We then took a long mid-day nap together, the windows wide open and the breeze seeming to keep us drowsy longer. Every now and again, she would smile in her sleep, her eyes crinkling briefly in the sunlight. There is no greater happiness.

In the afternoon, we moseyed on over to the local farmers' market, where we spent just $11 for a bounty of vegetables and fruit. I've read that through breastfeeding, babies develop likes and dislikes for certain tastes. Since vegetables are often harder for children to enjoy, I've made it my mission to ingest as many varieties of vegetables and fruits as I can get my hands on. Just this morning, I ate a grapefruit for Bean, even though I hate grapefruit. At the farmers market, I bought some garden peaches, tomatoes, honeycrisp apples (never had that variety), cucumbers, purple peppers (never had), spaghetti squash (haven't had in a long time), and sunjewel melon (never had). Everything, save the apples, was organic.

It is these small moments that I treasure. The relaxing day overrides my guilt of being nonproductive. It's not a guilt that's justified, it's just American and it's real.


BerryBird said...

I love your strategy to get Bean to like fruits and veggies! I have bought honey crisps each of the last two years and found them delightful. I hope you and Bean like them, too.

Momma Val said...

Honey Crisp are my favorite. They are so crunchy and slightly tart enough not to be to sweet or bland like the golden delicious or red delicious. Sounds like a nice nap & day. Little Buddy would literally eat anything I shoveled because I eat just about anything. Then suddenly they get picky for a bit (think around 13-16 months). Now he's coming around again but will only eat vegetables in the baby food form which he has outgrown for awhile now. That's OK, I'll still give him the jarred stuff as long as it's organic and he gets his veggies. Fruit: not a problem with most kids. Hope that bean eats as well as LB, makes life a LOT easier! Kiss her for me!

Nicole said...

Bean is a lucky kid! My CSA keeps Pepper's palate diverse, whether she likes it or not. I just hope that the theory about the breastmilk is right.

BlackenedBoy said...

So sweet. This has been one of my favoite posts from you.

I bet it's getting cold up there, too.

Oh, and thanks for mentioning me in a post! I feel like a celebrity!