Saturday, October 6

Flash, boom, woo

I haven't fully adjusted to the new apartment or my new commute, but I could definitely get used to three-day weekends. It makes me feel more relaxed just knowing that I have an extra day to look forward to.

Hubby worked a Steve Vai concert this week ... apparently his fans are quite rude. One of hubby's coworkers asked an audience member on the balcony to stop taking pictures, and the man said "OK, thanks," and put his camera right in the employee's face, taking a flash picture. Of course this blinded the coworker and he had to stumble around to find his way to safety. What a jerk. It sickens me the way some people treat others. Really, I feel ill.

Took two extra hours to get home on Friday ... there was an explosion on the Red Line (no one was hurt), so I had to take a bus to another subway to get to the commuter train, to walk to another bus, and then take that to another bus, and then walk home. Whew. Of course I chose that day to take home an armful of paperwork and files.


Nadine said...

I envy your three-day weekend.

But not your commute on Friday.

BerryBird said...

Three day weekend? Every weekend? That is a thing of beauty.